Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's up?

Well, I must say - Mista SlipStitch and I are a wee bit disappointed. It's a little over a week that we decorated lovely Russell and we've had no real feedback, hardly any views on the blog. How's that for extremely laid back? Don't know what to think :-)
A friend send me a few pics from the Birdman Festival in Russell, a week ago, and the canon was still there and apparently a hit with the kids. That's awesome. So I guess it's all sweet after all and I just have to except the fact that technology doesn't play an important part in the Bay of Island lifestyle. And that's why we love that place actually.

Otherwise we're trying to organise our new life in WA. It's going ok but a bit slow. Waiting for my boxes to arrive with all my craft gear. So no knitbombs yet. I will have to suss out the other active yarnbombers around town. Looking forward to meeting them!

warm and woolly greeting from not so warm WA

Missy Rogue

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