Thursday, July 5, 2012

Knitted Hellhole of the Pacific

Here it is - The Craft Bomber Association's NEW Yarn Attack. Right here in the beautiful heart of the Bay of Islands,  Russell - Hellhole of the Pacific. We're in love with this place. We call it home and can't stay away.
Russell is one of those rare magic places that just makes you come back for more. If you're in need of serious relaxation this is the place to be. 

Anyway, today is our last morning in this magic place, so we wanted to leave a little behind. What better than a few woolly remnants of our present.
As I mentioned earlier we got carried away a little and it was fun.

So Mista SlipStitch and myself started just before dawn at the waterfront near Russell Wharf. We added a few tree cozies on the iconic Pohutukawa Trees which line the walk along the waterfront. These trees were planted in the 1930s and are the most beautiful thing in summer and anytime of year really. Not to mention the Tuis singing in them all year round.
We had four tags, one is in front of each Sally's Restaurant, the Waterfront Cafe and The Gables. The last one was further down near the Town Hall.

Then we went onto the next little object in need of covering. I must admit this one's a bit of an odd one. Originally this was meant to be the one and only yarn bomb in town. Soon though we realised it would have been a huge thing to cover. And we just didn't have enough time or wool for that matter to do it. So as we did for another project a while back I thought to utilise an old jumper (thanks Russell Op-Shop!). This was covered with stitching and little extras. We love the concept but like I said it looks a little weird.... :-) never mind.

This canon sits outside the Town Hall right at the waterfront. The stitching at the bottom says Kororareka. At the open end we added the word Kab-L-oom. Flowers shooting out of the front. We still like it but we had stronger work before I guess.

Than we thought about our Doorknob Awards and who should get one. Well, the one place that came to mind actually hasn't got any knob or handle. So we chose the nearest suitable object. This one's for what we think is one of the best galleries in New Zealand. South Sea Art on York Street.

There was one more place we wanted to mention as we had a great experience there. Both Mista SlipStitch and myself got something there which we will have forever. A little 'souvenir' from Russell - our home in New Zealand. So we proudly present The Craft Bomber's Association's Doorknob Award for Excellence to INK - Russell. Thanks to Pete and Karen - hope that's her name :-) - for a great experience!

Well, this is it. Kia ora Russell, haere ra and ka kite ano. We will miss you! Mista SlipStitch and Missy Rogue Knitta are off to new adventure on the west island. Next time we will be in touch from across the ditch.......

warm and woolly regards, Missy Rogue

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