Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, how's that for white Christmas?
Waking up on Friday morning we had about 5inches of the white stuff and then Friday night another 5inches or so.
It's so pretty. We're loving it. Snowman building, snowball fights and yarn bombing in the freezing cold. Fantastic.
The only downfall is that we might get stuck on our journey to Germany. Our next destination. But it's all part of the adventure.
In the meantime enjoy these pics from Llandovery.


warm and woolly regards from the cold

Missy Rogue Knitta and Mista Slip Stitch

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nadolig Llawen Aberystwyth

Today we did a day trip to Aberystwyth.
We drove through rolling hills, past wild streams, through old villages and over the black mountain to get to this lovely place. It is right near the sea with old, old buildings.


It has a young & quite relaxed atmosphere, (thanks to the university I guess)
The weather today was wild with a lot of rain on the way and strong arctic winds but it was wonderful.
And Wales is beautiful even on a day like today but that's my personal view. It is a lot like New Zealand. Just a bit colder.....
And to mark this fantastic day we tagged a lamppost in Aberystwyth.

Penny the craft bombing dog

Nadolig Llawen Everyone!!
Merry Christmas from the CBA

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CBA winter AWOL

We've been meaning to up-date you all on our doings earlier but it was all getting a bit hectic as we had a plane to catch and organize our big winter holiday in Europe. Mista Slip Stitch and I decided to take a lovely long break and go christmasing in the UK and Germany to catch up with friends and family.
After the usual marathon flight of over 24 hours we arrived safely in Heathrow on Thursday to a landscape that looked like this

I mean talking about white winter Christmas. Just amazing, isn't it? We stayed near London for a couple of days before we moved on to a place called Weston-super-Mare I believe in Somerset.... please correct me, if I'm wrong. It was our first time there and it was lovely. We liked it so much that we put up our first little tag.

Yes, we stuck to the flower theme because although there was no snow in Weston it was very cold and a little summer greeting doesn't harm we thought.
This tag is along the beach promenade near a new pier they only just opened. All brand new but in the tradition of the old amusement piers.
So we did go on the dodge cars, helter skelter and did some penny drops, too.

After a lovely day there we moved onto Wales where we'll be for a while before flying to Germany for Christmas. So please stay tuned in as we will be tagging along the way. As lovely as it is over here it can do with some serious yarn bombing....

very warm and woolly regards from currently -4degrees C.

Missy Rogue Knitta & Mista Slip Stitch

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flower Garlands

As promised here are more photos of the latest knit bomb in Tauranga.
It is our contribution the Tauranga Garden & Art Fest.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and together with Strickliesel and The Knitman we had a lot of fun doing this knit tag. Mista Slip Stitch and I are ever so grateful to both of them for helping us getting the work done. Especially The Knitman with his squirrel-like climbing skills was exactly what we needed.

So if you are in Tauranga you can see the result of our fabulous team work down the Strand at the Red Square. Just have a seat on the benches, look up and enjoy....

Location, location, location
Squirrel Knitman

in action
Mista Slip Stitch tagging away
more squirrel action

Missy Rogue Knitta

adding mini flower tags

Today, 5 days after putting them up the flower garlands are still there. The mini flowers on the benches have disappeared but we expected that to happen. We hope their new owners have fun with them! We also hope that a lot of people will enjoy this new addition to Tauranga's yarn bombs.
Someone told us a few days ago that he likes what we do because he thinks we bring a bit of happiness to the world. Thank you so much for that! We know not everybody will like what we do but if we manage to bring a smile to a few faces and give them a happy moment there's nothing else we could possibly ask for.
Warm & woolly regards,
Missy Rogue Knitta

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Here it is. Springtime, our latest knit tag. We hope you'll enjoy this one.

There are actually 3 trees that we tagged, so we will up-load a lot more photos later. At the moment, however, it's just a too glorious day to spend inside. Sunshine, blue sky, springtime as we love it....

so stay tuned in for more.

warm and woolly regards,
Missy Rogue Knitta

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Sad

Today we're a little bit sad.
One of our tree cosies has vanished. I suppose that is part of any yarn bomber's life.
We know that someone had an eye on this one. It had been unpicked before and we went back to stitch it back up again. So there you go, someone really liked it. And that's a good thing. It actually makes us a wee bit proud that after only a short time of guerilla knitting in Tauranga people want our craft.
Nevertheless we're dissappointed as our intention was to take it down when we put the next one up and auction it for charity.....

So this goes to the person who took the tree cosy:
'Dear Treecosy-Taking-Knitbomb-Lover, if you like yarnbombing so much, please join us. We can always use a helping hand to make Tauranga more beautiful and fluffy. If craft is not your thing then maybe you can auction the cosy on behalf of the CBA and give the money to a good course, or give the cosy to a good course (like someone who really needs it, a photo would be lovely) or just hand it back (drop it off at Grindz, would you).
Well, as much as as we appreciate a fan base, we try to do this stuff for everyone's enjoyment. So please for the future, leave the knit tags up. This way a lot of people can see them and we can turn them into a good course, too.
Thank you very much!
Missy Rogue Knitta and Mista Slip Stitch

Now on a happier note (and there always is one because sad thing just happen sometimes) we are on schedule with the next installation. Thanks to visiting yarnbombers Strickliesel and the Knitman. Loveley friends from Europe who happily knit away while we have to go after our real jobs....

Strickliesel & the Knitman

Oh and we're also happy because we get lovely feedback and comments from people. And more and more views from all around the world.
If you speak Italian check this blog out
There's a little write-up on the CBA. How very exciting! So a big thanks to all of you!!

warm and woolly regards
your very happy CBA

Saturday, October 30, 2010

a bit of advertising

Just a brief message for today.
We're very happy as local Artist Pete Morris, who also writes a blog about local art and craft did a little write-up on the CBA on his blog. This is the link. 

So thank you very much Pete, to have this sort of encouragement and local support means a lot to us!

Oh, and by the way, we noticed that the lovely people of Grindz Cafe have left their 'award' up where we put it.
Another big thanks! It actually looks really great on their door.

warm and wooly regards from a happy Missy Rogue Knitta and Mista Slip Stitch

Friday, October 22, 2010

Door Knob Award of Excellence No.2

The CBA proudly presents

the second Doorknob Award of Excellence

Finally, here it is. The second Doorknob Award of Excellence goes to the fabulous Grindz Cafe on Tauranga's 1st Ave.

Well what can we say? As much as we love Art & Craft, wool and yarn bombing, New Zealand and our precious environment and a lot of other things, we do love to eat. And we do love a good coffee. What would a keen craftster (or anyone, really) do without good food and a regular dose of caffeine? Exactly, not much.

So, this was easy. There's no other place in Tauranga we like to go to as much as we like going to Grindz Cafe. Going to Grindz means you're in for a treat. Honestly, have you tried their Almond Torte yet? If not you've seriously missed out. And if you are a Coffee kind of person, this is definitely the place to go. In our opinion they serve the BEST coffee in town. We also love the atmosphere. There's heaps of old stuff for decoration, sofas and comfy chairs to lounge in, a fire name it. The whole cosy and sustaining package.

So, here's to Steve and Lesley Graham who keep us nourished and happy.

Thank you so much! We think you are FABULOUS!

So, Mista Slip Stitch and myself seriously hope you'll enjoy your coffee and cake at Grindz as much we do.

warm and woolly regards,
Missy Rogue Knitta

PS as always we do love your feedback, comments and suggestions. And please don't hesitate to nominate people and places for the Award!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spring has (nearly) sprung

We love daylight saving.
We love the lighter evenings.
We love the warmer temperatures.
We love the smell of blossoms in the air.
We love the new fresh green on trees and bushes.
We just love spring.
Even if there still seems to be an awful lot of rain.

So, here's a little glimpse of our spring inspired next project.
We are aiming to have it up for Tauranga's Garden and Art Fest in November.

As always
warm and woolly regards.

PS we're still looking for peeps who always wanted to knit, tag and be happy. Please be in touch and join the Craft Bomber Association.

Monday, September 27, 2010

48 hours

Well Good Morning!
And a good morning it is. Mr Slip Stitch has just informed me that our 'We love New Zealand' tree cosies are still snuggly in their original spot. We are very happy. Honestly, it feels good to have not only crossed the 24hr threshold but to have gone past 48 hrs now. What a wonderful Monday morning.
So, if you have a chance and you're somewhere out and about in lovely Tauranga, than have a wander down and take a look.
We love to hear from you. And of course we're still happily recruiting members!

As always,
warm and woolly regards,

Missy Rogue Knitta

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We love New Zealand!

Here it is. The CBA's second craft bomb. Two weeks of freakish winds and a lot of rain put us off for a while. This meant it took us a bit longer than intended to put it up but it was worth waiting for,
we think so anyway.
Finally, this very morning before dawn we got up to hit Tauranga with our second craft bomb. We got to the location on Elizabeth Street just after 5am and I was just about to start stitching away when we heard a voice near by. We turned around and saw a homeless person not far from us in a house entrance. Now, you might think that's not unusual but Tauranga is not the biggest of towns and as far as we know, there is maybe only about a handful of  'regulars' sleeping in the streets. I mean, what are the chances that there's one of them exactly where we wanted to tag?
Admittedly we were hesitant to go ahead. Not because we were worried but we didn't want to be chatted up. It also crossed our mind that we might tempt him to take the tags down before day light knowing they make for some nice warm blankets. We are generally happy if our tags are put to good use but selfishly we want them to be seen first.
So, we decided to pack up, go home have breakfast and come back after day break. And that's what we did. At around 7am we were back and despite some more rain installed our second craft bomb in Tauranga.

This craft bomb is called 'We love New Zealand!' because we do. We think it's a beautiful country and worth looking after.
We really wanted this knit tag to go up about a week ago to coincide with the National Clean Up Week.
This is an annual event organized, I believe, by 'Keep New Zealand Beautiful' (see the link to their website) helping to raise awareness about keeping the environment clean and beautiful.
To follow their inspirational spirit and to work with the theme we decided to use re-cycled woollen jumpers for this project.
We chose two lovely big gum trees on either side of a roundabout in Tauranga's town centre and made two tree cosies out of those old jumpers. On either cosy there's a little message stitched on round shapes which reads " New Zealand - Keep it beautiful - Love - Aotearoa"

The outcome you can see if you go to the Elizabeth Street/Grey Street roundabout or just scroll down to the following photos (this might be the save bet in case the tags have disappeared as quickly as the first one):

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. 
warm and woolly regards,

your CBA

PS: Keep it beautiful!