Saturday, September 25, 2010

We love New Zealand!

Here it is. The CBA's second craft bomb. Two weeks of freakish winds and a lot of rain put us off for a while. This meant it took us a bit longer than intended to put it up but it was worth waiting for,
we think so anyway.
Finally, this very morning before dawn we got up to hit Tauranga with our second craft bomb. We got to the location on Elizabeth Street just after 5am and I was just about to start stitching away when we heard a voice near by. We turned around and saw a homeless person not far from us in a house entrance. Now, you might think that's not unusual but Tauranga is not the biggest of towns and as far as we know, there is maybe only about a handful of  'regulars' sleeping in the streets. I mean, what are the chances that there's one of them exactly where we wanted to tag?
Admittedly we were hesitant to go ahead. Not because we were worried but we didn't want to be chatted up. It also crossed our mind that we might tempt him to take the tags down before day light knowing they make for some nice warm blankets. We are generally happy if our tags are put to good use but selfishly we want them to be seen first.
So, we decided to pack up, go home have breakfast and come back after day break. And that's what we did. At around 7am we were back and despite some more rain installed our second craft bomb in Tauranga.

This craft bomb is called 'We love New Zealand!' because we do. We think it's a beautiful country and worth looking after.
We really wanted this knit tag to go up about a week ago to coincide with the National Clean Up Week.
This is an annual event organized, I believe, by 'Keep New Zealand Beautiful' (see the link to their website) helping to raise awareness about keeping the environment clean and beautiful.
To follow their inspirational spirit and to work with the theme we decided to use re-cycled woollen jumpers for this project.
We chose two lovely big gum trees on either side of a roundabout in Tauranga's town centre and made two tree cosies out of those old jumpers. On either cosy there's a little message stitched on round shapes which reads " New Zealand - Keep it beautiful - Love - Aotearoa"

The outcome you can see if you go to the Elizabeth Street/Grey Street roundabout or just scroll down to the following photos (this might be the save bet in case the tags have disappeared as quickly as the first one):

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. 
warm and woolly regards,

your CBA

PS: Keep it beautiful!

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