Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winterless North

It truly is the winterless north up here in the Bay of Islands.  Well, almost. Today's been the first day where we felt a little bit cold on our first overcast & cloudy day. Never mind, we 're happy, wrapped up warm & crocheting away. Lot's to do for us. The next craft attack has already expended to a bit more than we originally had planned. Yay, very excited. Will happen some time before next Friday!

warm & woolly greetings,
Missy Rogue

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wake up, Welcome Back & Farewell

Oh my goodness, the Craft Bomber Association has been in hibernation mode for over a year! What happened?! Quite frankly I'm not too sure. Life, I suppose. Some things have changed, some haven't.
The main and most recent change is our move from Tauranga. Mista SlipStitch and myself are re-locating. At the moment we found refuge in the beautiful Bay of Islands, our old home in New Zealand. We'll be here for a wee while until we make the next big step over the Tasman Sea.
We are headed for WA. It's all very exciting and I guess this excitement has woken us up. So we decided to make a piece of woolly adornment before we leave these shores. It will be our 'farewell' to New Zealand and a new beginning for the Craft Bomber Association.

warm & woolly greetings, Missy Rogue