Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flower Garlands

As promised here are more photos of the latest knit bomb in Tauranga.
It is our contribution the Tauranga Garden & Art Fest.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and together with Strickliesel and The Knitman we had a lot of fun doing this knit tag. Mista Slip Stitch and I are ever so grateful to both of them for helping us getting the work done. Especially The Knitman with his squirrel-like climbing skills was exactly what we needed.

So if you are in Tauranga you can see the result of our fabulous team work down the Strand at the Red Square. Just have a seat on the benches, look up and enjoy....

Location, location, location
Squirrel Knitman

in action
Mista Slip Stitch tagging away
more squirrel action

Missy Rogue Knitta

adding mini flower tags

Today, 5 days after putting them up the flower garlands are still there. The mini flowers on the benches have disappeared but we expected that to happen. We hope their new owners have fun with them! We also hope that a lot of people will enjoy this new addition to Tauranga's yarn bombs.
Someone told us a few days ago that he likes what we do because he thinks we bring a bit of happiness to the world. Thank you so much for that! We know not everybody will like what we do but if we manage to bring a smile to a few faces and give them a happy moment there's nothing else we could possibly ask for.
Warm & woolly regards,
Missy Rogue Knitta

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Here it is. Springtime, our latest knit tag. We hope you'll enjoy this one.

There are actually 3 trees that we tagged, so we will up-load a lot more photos later. At the moment, however, it's just a too glorious day to spend inside. Sunshine, blue sky, springtime as we love it....

so stay tuned in for more.

warm and woolly regards,
Missy Rogue Knitta

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Sad

Today we're a little bit sad.
One of our tree cosies has vanished. I suppose that is part of any yarn bomber's life.
We know that someone had an eye on this one. It had been unpicked before and we went back to stitch it back up again. So there you go, someone really liked it. And that's a good thing. It actually makes us a wee bit proud that after only a short time of guerilla knitting in Tauranga people want our craft.
Nevertheless we're dissappointed as our intention was to take it down when we put the next one up and auction it for charity.....

So this goes to the person who took the tree cosy:
'Dear Treecosy-Taking-Knitbomb-Lover, if you like yarnbombing so much, please join us. We can always use a helping hand to make Tauranga more beautiful and fluffy. If craft is not your thing then maybe you can auction the cosy on behalf of the CBA and give the money to a good course, or give the cosy to a good course (like someone who really needs it, a photo would be lovely) or just hand it back (drop it off at Grindz, would you).
Well, as much as as we appreciate a fan base, we try to do this stuff for everyone's enjoyment. So please for the future, leave the knit tags up. This way a lot of people can see them and we can turn them into a good course, too.
Thank you very much!
Missy Rogue Knitta and Mista Slip Stitch

Now on a happier note (and there always is one because sad thing just happen sometimes) we are on schedule with the next installation. Thanks to visiting yarnbombers Strickliesel and the Knitman. Loveley friends from Europe who happily knit away while we have to go after our real jobs....

Strickliesel & the Knitman

Oh and we're also happy because we get lovely feedback and comments from people. And more and more views from all around the world.
If you speak Italian check this blog out
There's a little write-up on the CBA. How very exciting! So a big thanks to all of you!!

warm and woolly regards
your very happy CBA