Monday, August 30, 2010

Craft Bomb No.2 is in the making.

Having a normal* life (including jobs, families and other projects) next to our craft bombing one means it took a while to decide on the design and material but now it's all go go go.
Here's a little preview for what's to come.

So, let your imagination flow an stay tuned in. We're hoping it won't take too long to finish and aiming to put it up shortly.

warm and woolly regards,
 your CBA

* normal of course is a question of definition and lies in the eye of the beholder

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Award a Success

 Wow, what a wonderful surprise. You are too much! We are only doing our best to enhance and inspire the arts in Tauranga. Glad to know that we are making an impact."

This is part of the reply we had from Steve after receiving his award and we are so happy about it. We're glad it was appreciated and it definitely motivated us to take this further. No doubt there will be more awards coming. We're thinking maybe one a month or so but obviously this depends on the right 'candidates'. So don't be shy in nominating, we like to hear from you! Oh and it doesn't have to be arts related. This award is about excellence no matter which walk of life. 

so be in touch and stay tuned
warm and woolly regards to everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The CBA proudly presents

The FIRST Doorknob Award of Excellence

We are very excited to announce that the first award goes to Steve Chambers and the Laundromat Art Project Space [LAPS] in Tauranga.

This rare gem among Tauranga's art galleries truly deserves this award. We just love this place.
It's a gallery where you can go and see contemporary art that is innovative and inspiring but also at times controversial and challenging. However it's not an intimidating kind of gallery where you feel a little out of place if you don't know much about art. Quite the opposite. It's an open and friendly environment where you feel instantly comfortable. Steve makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in and will happily talk about the artwork on show or have a chat with you about art and ideas and all things exciting.
Also located at the Laundromat Art Project Space is the Arthub providing artists studio space for lease which makes LAPS even more special. Offering so much for the local art community it creates a uniquely creative atmosphere which leaves you excited and inspired every time you visit.

So there you go, this is why we think The Laundromat Art Project Space on 92 Second Ave deserves this award because it's simply

warm and woolly regards
your CBA

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doorknobs be aware

Almost one week after our first and a little short-lived craft bomb in Tauranga's City centre we've found the location for the next woolly tag in TGA. It'll be quite different to the first one and we're, once again, quite excited. Hopefully the making won't take too long.

In the meantime however, we've decided to start the Craft Bomber Association's Doorknob Award of Excellence.
There are a lot of interesting, inspiring, amazing, fabulous and simply awesome people in the Bay of Plenty. The Craft Bomber Association will seek and find these individuals or groups and will award them with a specially made doorknob or door handle cosy. We will then post it on the blog with a reason for the award. We are open to suggestions with accompanying explanation why someone should receive this award. We will however maintain the right to decide if the nominee will receive an award or not.

The first Doorknob Award has been made and will be revealed very soon. So stay tuned in to find out who will find their doorknob covered in a cosy.

warm and woolly regards to everyone

Award in the making

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The World of Yarn Bombing

We thought you'd like to see some beautiful yarn bombing street art from around the world. So we have added some links. These are some of our main inspirational sources. There so many out there and we are very aware what we have to live up to. There is so much amazingly beautiful work out there. A real reason and motivation to carry on with our aim to bring living craft to the streets of Tauranga.

We especially like the ladies of There are heaps of links to other similar sites and blogs. So have a little browse. 
Also, there's a book out called 'Yarn Bombing' by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain. The Tauranga library holds a copy if anyone is interested.

And last but not least we are definitely happy to welcome new members.
The more the knittier we think. So please, be in touch!

warm and woolly regards
Missy Rogue Knitta & Mista Slip Stitch

Less than 24 hours

It's a sunny Sunday morning and our first act of craft bombing
was a definite success,
although or maybe because Tauranga's first piece of knit graffiti has been taken down less than 24 hours after we put it up.
(Despite our hopes and positive prediction of how long it might stay up.)
When we went past the site on Saturday evening we were surprised
and maybe a little disappointed that it was gone already.

However, we acknowledge that this is part of the steep learning curve of novice craft bombers. We know this happens to others, too and probably more often than not.
So, after a quick thought of who took it, we realised it doesn't matter,
although there was a fair amount of work involved.
This piece was a generous 1.5m long and about .3m wide.
(There'll be pics of "work in progress" added at the end.)

Ideally we would prefer if someone took it who actually liked it
or even 'needed' it but realistically someone did not like it
and therefore took it down.
So, what now? More craft bombing of course.

Here's the 'making of' 
from this

to this

to this

to this

Warm and woolly regards to everyone!

We welcome any comments.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wῡru Wai - Tauranga's first knit graffiti

The Craft Bomber Association proudly presents Tauranga's first knit graffiti.

We call it Wῡru Wai.
It was put up last night and yes, it was still there at lunch time today.

We are very happy with the result and we shall see how long it will stay there.
We have a feeling it might be there for a while. We hope anyway.
Having placed the tag on the inside of the fountain is a more subtle approach we deliberately chose. It is there but it's not. It blends in but still seems to stand out.
Visibly invisible. We love it.

Warm and woolly greeting on a wet winter day in Tauranga.