Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wῡru Wai - Tauranga's first knit graffiti

The Craft Bomber Association proudly presents Tauranga's first knit graffiti.

We call it Wῡru Wai.
It was put up last night and yes, it was still there at lunch time today.

We are very happy with the result and we shall see how long it will stay there.
We have a feeling it might be there for a while. We hope anyway.
Having placed the tag on the inside of the fountain is a more subtle approach we deliberately chose. It is there but it's not. It blends in but still seems to stand out.
Visibly invisible. We love it.

Warm and woolly greeting on a wet winter day in Tauranga.


  1. love it!
    well done!

  2. The sculpture needed that, hope they leave it up!

  3. Thank you! We thought so, too. Unfortunately it didn't last 24hours. Better luck next time.

  4. WOW!!!!:-) That looked AWESOME!:-) Bugger, we didn't get to see it live tho...:-(
    Keep knit-bombing, Tauranga needs creative people!:-)
    Cheers and better luck next time, TT and Malin

  5. Awesome! We need a Gisborne branch of this association! lol For real! We have a big town clock that needs a wooly scarf...??????

  6. Well, thank you Anonymous! We don't have any associates in Gisborne at present but more than happy to recruit :-)
    And a big town clock sounds like a perfect location.