Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rainy Days

Just a quick note to say that the next CraftBomb is ready and we were going to put it up this week but it has been so wet that we decided to postpone it. It sounds a bit wimpy but we just thought that more people will have a chance to see it if the weather is a little better. No.1 was put up on a rainy day and didn't last long, so we would like the next one to be enjoyed by more people on a sunny day.
However, if the rain continues for much longer we will just put it up. We can't wait to see it up. It's quite exciting. 
In the mean time we have also been thinking about the next Door Knob Award of Excellence and have a couple of places in mind. However, no decision is made yet. And of course, as before we're open to suggestions.

Now on a different subject we would like to mention last week's earthquake in Christchurch. A lot of charities, groups and individuals are trying to help out which is just awesome. We came across this group of artists and craftsters who work under the name FeltAid. They have set up a shop on a New Zealand based website where people sell there hand-made goodies. FeltAid is selling donated hand-crafted items. We've put the link on the blog. Have a look, there's some lovely stuff already. And if you feel like donating some of your crafted beauties, go for it.

As always,
warm and woolly regards,

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