Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CBA winter AWOL

We've been meaning to up-date you all on our doings earlier but it was all getting a bit hectic as we had a plane to catch and organize our big winter holiday in Europe. Mista Slip Stitch and I decided to take a lovely long break and go christmasing in the UK and Germany to catch up with friends and family.
After the usual marathon flight of over 24 hours we arrived safely in Heathrow on Thursday to a landscape that looked like this

I mean talking about white winter Christmas. Just amazing, isn't it? We stayed near London for a couple of days before we moved on to a place called Weston-super-Mare I believe in Somerset.... please correct me, if I'm wrong. It was our first time there and it was lovely. We liked it so much that we put up our first little tag.

Yes, we stuck to the flower theme because although there was no snow in Weston it was very cold and a little summer greeting doesn't harm we thought.
This tag is along the beach promenade near a new pier they only just opened. All brand new but in the tradition of the old amusement piers.
So we did go on the dodge cars, helter skelter and did some penny drops, too.

After a lovely day there we moved onto Wales where we'll be for a while before flying to Germany for Christmas. So please stay tuned in as we will be tagging along the way. As lovely as it is over here it can do with some serious yarn bombing....

very warm and woolly regards from currently -4degrees C.

Missy Rogue Knitta & Mista Slip Stitch

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