Saturday, January 29, 2011

From Cold Cologne to (almost) tropical Tauranga

Here are a couple more pics a friend took of our little tag we did in Cologne at Alter Markt.
(Thank you Willi for taking these. They are great!)  I still can't believe how cold it was that day....

and now, two weeks back into almost tropical conditions in Tauranga (very warm and lot's of rain) our first action of the year as the Craft Bomber Association was to take a tag down instead of putting one up. Remember the tree cosies we put up in September (one of which was nicked)?  I'm not sure if this is knit taggers protocol but we decided to take it down as it had gone soggy from all the rain and started curling down. It really didn't look nice anymore.
But don't think this is a sign of giving up. Quite the opposite we're back on track. After our little holiday tagging trail we're keen to do something bigger again. So stay tuned in to find out about our next project.

As always
warm and woolly regards

Missy Rogue Knitta & Mista Slip Stitch

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